Bringing change to the healthcare industry


Medicap's latest 5-in-1 concept medical centre located at its new headquarters in Puchong.

EVEN without a formal medical background, Lim Chin Hau has been playing an outsized role in servicing the healthcare sector in the country for more than a decade.

The first opportunity for Lim to be involved in the healthcare sector began when many aspiring medical students faced problems securing places in local universities.


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  • A strong dollar also weighed on shares of IT hardware and services company IBM Corp IBM.N, which beat quarterly revenue expectations on Monday but warned the hit from forex for the year could be about $3.5 billion.继续,看了一半的
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  • Capital A Bhd carried 5.56 million passengers in 2Q222, 48% more than its previous quarter.哈哈,好欢乐