Sarawak to ignore brouhaha over use of English in schools


Sarawak Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Annuar Rapaee says the state will focus on using English alongside Bahasa Malaysia in schools, regardless of what other people say. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, July 12, 2022.

SARAWAK will move on and ignore the brouhaha about its decision to use English alongside Bahasa Malaysia in its administration, according to Deputy Minister of Education, Innovation and Talent Development Annuar Rapaee.

He said the state government had been going all out to ensure its students would be well-versed in English to enable them to excel in their studies and have a bright future.

“If they don’t like English, let them be, but for us, we are moving on with our efforts to improve English proficiency among our students,” he told reporters in Sibu today.




Annuar, the Nangka assemblyman, said he had been working in collaboration with the Farley Foundation to obtain 1,000 books to meet the needs of primary school children from 22 longhouses in his constituency.

“These books are suitable for that age but focusing on STEM subjects such as the galaxy, animals and plants, costing no more than RM20 each,” he said.

Annuar said about 100 books would be kept in each longhouse for three months and thereafter, would be rotated among the longhouses involved. – Bernama, July 12, 2022.


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